Who am I?

As a therapist, my previous professional experiences make me grounded and pragmatic. I maintain proficiency in Jungian psychology, the creative psyche, attachment, neurobiology, and relational psychoanalysis. I am a supervisor and educator of therapists-in training. I remain personally creative as a design consultant and critic.

Before becoming a therapist, I worked professionally within the creative arts and design practices for many years. During some of that time, I was a Public Policy Fellow at the United States National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., where I worked on policy related to valuation and support of creative practices. I was also a visiting scholar at the United States Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and co-founded the Cultural Information Lab at Pratt Institute. I was fortunate to have worked on human-centered design at General Electric (GE) Research and Development. My designs have won two awards.

Since becoming a therapist, I was named a Teacher of the Year at New York University (NYU) where I have taught since 2003. I was a co-author of the evaluation criteria for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge which was named “socially responsible designs highest award” by Metropolis Magazine. I was also the creator of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge Fellowship Program for young, socially responsible designers.

I have held positions on the Board of Directors of Pratt Institute, the Buckminster Fuller Institute, and the C.G Jung Foundation.

As a service to our country, I have evaluated 10’s of millions of dollars in (non-partisan) grant applications for the United States Government’s IMLS.